Who Was CP3 Laughing At?

So this past weekend the Rockets and Warriors squared off in what potentially is going to be the WCF and my man CP3 had a clip go viral. Surprisingly, this time the clip wasn’t Chris Paul picking himself up off the court because of Steph Curry.

You ain’t seen nothing yet, we finally got the reason why CP3 walked away like his teacher just tried being hip. That quirky Steve Kerr did it again folks, that guy just gets players!

Chris Paul was fake laughing at Steve Kerr. ūüėā (via @thestarters)

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CP3 had himself some past couple weeks. Between sneaking around like Indiana Jones in the Staples Center and now clowning on Steve Kerr, you would never even think that he was the President of National Basketball Players Association.

It’s been well documented that CP3 and the Warriors aren’t exactly the best of pals, but now that he is on a team that actually could make the Warriors play six games in a series, maybe there will be some real rivalry to come out of this.

Just wait until LeBron, Melo and Wade go down to Houston. James Harden will wish he never touched a basketball before! Look out Warriors, here come the 36 year olds!


John Calipari Is Busy Whining About Being Out-Recruited By Duke, While Vandy And Oregon Put Together Better Classes


Five-star prospect¬†Zion Williamson’s commitment to Duke¬†on Saturday stunned the world of college basketball. He spurned in-state¬†Clemson, along with¬†Kentucky,¬†South Carolina,¬†North Carolina¬†and¬†Kansas¬†to become a Blue Devil.

Williamson talked about his relationship with Coach K, the Duke brotherhood, and the family atmosphere he sensed taking visits that made him feel at home. And on Monday, Kentucky coach John Calipari threw a heap of shade at Duke and the way the staff may have sold him on the program.

“I don’t sell, when you come here: ‘The university and the state will take care of you for the rest of your life.’ You may buy that, and I’ve got some great property and some swampland down in Florida to sell you too. Every one of us in this country is based on, you have to take care of your self, prepare yourself, and then when you make it you make sure you’re helping and along the way you’re bringing other people with you. That’s what we’re trying to do: just give these guys the best opportunity. We’re not trying to say that this university or state will take care of you for the rest of your life. There’s no socialism here. This stuff is you have to go do it and we’re going to help you do it. Some like that, some don’t like that.” –¬†via UKAthletics.com


Oh boo fucking hoo. I guess you’re right johnny, you don’t sell – you buy the fastest plane ticket out of whatever college you leave in scandal and bail like a coward. Seriously, Calipari is the fucking worst – Duke is out-recruiting you, so you whine about their pitch? Get your ass back on a flight and beat Jeff Capel to Vernon Carey next year. He’s the biggest fucking crybaby in sports, there’s nobody worse outside of maybe Philadelphia at taking a loss than coach cal.

I almost hate Kentucky and John Calipari more than Roy Williams and UNC. At least Williams goes back to the drawing board, get’s the next best guy and gets to the Final Four year after year. Outside of rivalry, I can respect greatness – I don’t respect sore losers and petty bullshit. He’s taking the Zion commit (Kentucky never had a shot anyway) worse than Ayesha Curry took the results of the 2016 NBA Finals.

That’s what we’re trying to do: just give these guys the best opportunity.

Maybe the kid realizes their best opportunity is in Durham? Maybe the recruit wants to play ACC ball like a big boy? If I was a recruit, you can miss me with that weak ass SEC schedule.

Oh no, if it’s not Kentucky there’s some wacky conspiracy going on. Yeah John, you’re definitely the good guy:

John Calipari’s Final Four Erased, Again…

Meanwhile, he’s whining about Duke’s pitch, while VANDERBILT and Oregon put together better classes… Oh, and UCLA on top of that. The Pac-12 has one of the worst television contracts in all of sports, not just college. Dudes are flying west to these schools over Lexington. Recruits don’t fall into your lap, just like jobs, spouses, you name it. To quote John, “There’s no socialism here. This stuff is you have to go do it and we’re going to help you do it. Some like that, some don’t like that.”¬†You want these recruits you have to fucking get them. There’s a reason you have in home visits and fly to their games. The 17 year old has to pick the best situation, show them the best and shut the fuck up.

But, he has no problem bragging about all his recruiting hours in 2013 when they went NIT bound…




Leonard Fournette, Car Accident Survivor

The Patriots are known for their success, obviously, and they do a great job of staying in headlines, whether it is positive or negative. Their potential rematch with the Steelers for the AFC Championship was pretty much set in stone, well in the Steelers locker room it was. But they decided to let the Jags hang a 45 spot on them so I’d understand why they are upset Jacksonville will be the last hurdle for the Patriots to get over in order to defend their Super Bowl championship.

The Pats will be going up against a Jags team who has found some momentum offensively because of the hot hand of QB Blake Bortles. Howevah, their offense is mainly run first and is driven by rookie star Leonard Fournette, the focal point some would say of the Jacksonville attack.

And well, would you look at that.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 1.48.43 PM

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Also heres a reenactment

Belichick really had a Patriots fan dress up as a Steelers fan and try and take out Fournette. He thinks he’s so slick and can pull a fast one on all of us and have the public think it wasn’t him. Zigging while everyone else zags. I’m onto you, Bill.

Next thing you’ll hear about is that Jalen Ramsey got sick from some New England Clam Chowder.


Mark Brunell Is Officially The Biggest Pussy Alive

The Steelers talked a great deal of shit, and then got stomped on. Spoiler alert, Jacksonville talked a little shit back. Who would have seen that coming? Apparently not Mark Brunnell:



Wow. You’re right Mark, this local bakery just crossed the line, they sent a joke to Big Ben in the form of turnovers. That’s it, they have to close now, cut their losses before the boycotts and hefty lawsuit from Art Rooney comes in. Jesus. Can you imagine living life this thin-skinned?? Your existence must really fucking suck. he’s softer than baby shit, remember when he cried on ESPN’s airways?

over/under on how long he cried this time? I’ll set the line at 10.5 minutes.

Bandwagons I Will Never Get On: The “Dilly Dilly” Commercial and HQ Trivia

It seems like everyday now, some stupid catchphrase, or app goes super viral to the point your grandmother gets involved. Overall, I am sort of anti-trend in the internet world. I hate the Warriors, despise the “old NBA is better” narrative, watch high school basketball more than the NBA, and wish Lil Pump and Young Thug never picked up a mic. And I don’t play a single IPhone game, ever. Hell, I barely even use any app outside of Twitter. Because I make money off it. I’m 19 but my brain is probably dialed up to 50.

With that being said, if you go on twitter, you can’t avoid the pea brain simpletons with pepe the frog as their avatar replying “Dilly Dilly!” on every fucking tweet. I didn’t see the commercial when it first went viral, and I’m certainly not going to give it a try now. What does Dilly Dilly mean? maybe it’s exclusive to the commercial, idk. But i’m not going to find out. If you’re going to be hovering in a comment section on twitter, put more effort into that. There’s integrity to the troll game.

HQ Trivia, seems like a mindless game you play in a waiting room while some 4 year old kicks you in the knee repeatedly. Apparently, you can win money, but it’s jack shit, get ya like a pack of cigarettes. it’s such an obsession that their are idiots like this, crying their eyes out for winning 11 dollars.

Jesus Christ. I always thought the worst people ever were the folks that buy 70 bucks in scratch tickets at a gas station, when I’m just trying to put 10 bucks in my tank. I don’t care if those people lose every paycheck they earn, just get the fuck out of my way. Anyway, if you think i’m wasting a second of my time playing garbage that wins you nothing you’re mistaken. Nobody cares about your overused Bud Light catchphrase, nobody cares about your stupid IPhone game that wins you 4 dollars.

Please fuck off.




Football is the Best

After one of the best upsets of the season with the Jags pushing it to the limit and stealing the show  against the Steelers, we had the game of the year between the Vikings and Saints. Starting off with Drew Brees playing like shit, the Vikings dominating in the trenches and leading 17-0 at halftime.

Then the second half started and buddy, we had an ALL TIME classic on our hand. Just look at this

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 9.45.22 PM.png

Brees, Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas helped claw the Saints back into the game only to have their hearts ripped out by one of the most improbable plays in football history.

Not that one, no idea how that slipped in there, whoops!

Always classic, the song from Titanic. My favorite fictional movie about a boat.

Marcus Williams walking into the locker room after missing that tackle


Then Marcus Williams stepping off the plane after landing back in New Orleans


Final Four of Case Keenum, Nick Foles, Tom Brady and Blake Bortles? Sign me the fuck up!

Some Moron In Hawaii Sent Out A Ballistic Missile Warning By Accident

No, this is not some North Korea joke, no it’s not your heavy hungover eyes reading some Trump tweet. Your IPhone is literally telling you that you’re gonna get blown up. So 2018, am I right?

Alright, what the hell happened? Is this the classic ICloud hack from some very skilled troll? Or did they have a legitimate tip for it? Regardless, somebody is getting fired, and probably won’t be seen again. If you fuck up in a government job like that, I would think the penalty is being banished to area 51. Even though an alert like that can scare the remains of your Buffalo Wild Wings right out of you, at least there’s some humor to go with this:

Interesting theory. There have been a lot of weird things happening with the Titans leading up to this game. RIGGED!!


Six Years Ago Today, Tim Tebow Officially Became A Miracle Worker By Stunning The Steelers In OT 29-23

Six years ago, Tim Tebow was sprinkled in holy water as he beat a very good Steelers team, lighting them up for 29 points, and dancing on their graves with an 80 yard strike in the first play of OT to Demaryius Thomas. The reason I’m blogging this is because I became a Tebow fanboy for that game, solely because I wanted the Pats to face the Broncos instead of a good Steelers defense.

What I thought was gonna happen, did. The Pats then blew Tebow out of the water like 45-10. Tebow coming into Gillette against Belichick was the most predictable blowout ever. To top it off, Brady had 6 touchdowns in that game, absolute massacre. So, thank you Tim Tebow, for making Belichick’s job that much easier 6 years ago today. It’s also relevant to today, because 6 years later the Steelers are still suffering heartbreaking late season losses. Some things never change fellas.

ESPN Just Shot Themselves in the Foot

So if you have any connection to the internet you know that ESPN decided to run this story last night at 1AM. Obviously, this is the most opportune time to run what could have been the most important story of the year.


For Kraft, Brady and Belichick, is this the beginning of the end?

That’s the article above if you want to read it. It’s a little long for my attention span but¬† nothing actually in the article matters for this postseason.

My immediate reaction was “wow maybe this is all true and their relationship is too fragile, they are going to be too distant from each other to succeed. Their time has run its course” A few seconds went by and then…

I remembered that this was the best QB and HC combo of all time, not the local high school prom king and queen. They aren’t going to break up because Tom may have been (allegedly) talking some shit, or about has been seeing his trainer late night behind Bill’s back. Yeah maybe some trust has been lost, but these crazy kids are going to make it to Minnesota again this year.

So to break it down, since Alabama has gotten into the CFP, ESPN has been giving them bulletin board material, which Nick Saban doesn’t need. And now, the premiere franchise in the NFL that everyone is tired of watching win, now has people thinking that their quarterback and head coach and owner hate each other.

If I didn’t know any better, you’d think ESPN wants the Patriots to win so they can continue their ongoing feud with the NFL.

(To be continued…..)

Philly Fans Just Lathered Up A Cowboys Fan With Mustard After Losing Sunday’s Game

Jesus. That’s some spiteful shit right there. But, nobody who has watched football for more than a minute should be shocked this is how a Philly/Dallas game ended. They’re the two worst fan bases colliding in the grundle valley of Philadelphia. Philly fans acting like buffoons? not shocking the slightest. Say what you want about pats fans being arrogant and everything. But, we don’t cheer when a player is hurt or assault Santa, or spray unwanted condiments on people. that’s a fact. Also, the mustard move, that’s a Bills Mafia thing. Philly fans are just stealing the mustard move from Bills fans and putting their own sadistic spiteful twist on it that Philly does best. But, Cowboy fans not reacting to it?¬† that’s incredibly shocking.

I have no clue what was going through this guys head but you can’t just walk away from that. Yeah, you could get an assault charge if you retaliate, but you are also on the verge of losing your manhood there. Being lathered in mustard in public is not a good look. Also, what’s gucci with the pink cowboy hat there? Was he two months late on breast cancer awareness month or is he just a little too schnockered to care? Either he didn’t want to fight the guy, or it was a good ole fashion walk of shame after beating a team on their own home turf. You know, the equivalent of a high school fan section screaming “scoreboard” at the opposing team. Just take the “fuck you’s” and ride off into the sunset.