Rookie Hazing On Steroids: Bucs OL Creates Fake $26k Bill To Scare The Shit Out Of Their Rookies

Right off the bat – I REALLY hope all of them didn’t fall for this prank. The idea on the prank is really fantastic. Nothing worse than having to cover a monstrous bill when going out to eat with coworkers – nothing. But the OL over shot it here on the amount. Nobody alive can eat $26k in one sitting.

The Bucs OL should of wrote like $13k – that would of been more believable – hence would scare them a lot more. Again, the idea is fantastic – the amount they put was really overshooting the goal fellas.

Some Moron Walked Up To Tony Hawk And Said He Looks Like Tom Brady

Seeing a legend like Tony Hawk in a random restaurant is a rush – let’s not mistake it. Of all the things you could say – you say he looks like Tom Brady????? This level of confusion hasn’t been met since Atlanta opted to not run the ball in the 4th quarter…

I get it, I get. They’re both absolute legends in their respective sports. But to randomly say he looks like Tom Brady is off the rails crazy. The dude who said it is probably a psychopath, 1000% chance. This guy was further off than Roberto Aguayo’s extra point kicks.

Red Sox, Yankees Its Business Time!


   This weekend is perhaps the biggest weekend of the season for the Yankees as they head to Fenway for 3 games against the Red Sox. The Red Sox are currently ahead of the Yankees in the AL East by 4 games, defeat in this series is not an option for the Yanks. The Yanks are more than capable of beating Boston however the same can be said about the Sox so this is BUSINESS TIME for the Yanks. 

    The Red Sox are catching fire at the time which is no good for the Yankees however the Yanks are coming off a sweep of the subway series with a rested bullpen. The Yankees lead the season series 7 games to 5, however the Red Sox have won 4 of the last 7 contests all of which have happened recently. The last time the Yanks went to Fenway they split in the most 50/50 fashion ever with both sides blowing leads in the 1st 2 games and exchanging 3-0 victories in a double header to close the series. However the Yankees as a whole have a 4-2 record at Fenway this season. 

    The Yankees need a victory this series and here is they can accomplish that. First they need to take advantage of what baserunners they can get on base. With Pomeranz and Sale set to take the hill to start this series they cannot afford to leave any runners on base which they have a habit of doing this season. Second don’t let Aroldis Chapman anywhere close to the mound this series the Red Sox have given him such a hard time this season and they’ve got plenty of other bullpen options. I’m not giving up on Chapman but his arm is spent right now because of last October he needs rest, time to recover so he can be the Aroldis Chapman they payed the big bucks for. Thirdly they need to close out better this time around, twice in their last 2 series against the Sox they’ve lost a game despite having a lead in the games final inning mostly because of Chapman but not entirely. Even last week they almost blew a lead in the ninth after coming back in the 8th. 

   If the Yanks can do those three things then they should be able to pick up the W this series. It won’t be easy but it never was easy, it’s not supposed to be easy that’s what makes this rivalry so fun. I think the Yankees will come through and take care of business this weekend their season depends on it. 


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WATCH: BGSU Kicker Earns Scholarship By Nailing A 53-Yarder


No pressure, Jake Suder. No pressure at all.

The Bowling Green kicker was having such a strong day at practice recently, according to Yahoo! Sports, that coach Mike Jinks put him on the spot — on the spur of the moment — and challenged him to make a 53-yard field goal with a full scholarship on the line.

Piece of cake.

Suder calmly nailed it and earned a scholarship for the rest of his college career. His teammates made it an epic moment, going into all-out celebration mode after the redshirt junior hit the field goal.

Jesus. The pressure here is much larger than any game he could possibly kick in at Bowling Green. I watched this video both in joy & envy. Because I can’t kick a field goal to erase my college bills. lol.

Anyway, congrats to the kid – having debt is literally the biggest monkey on any college students back. And with tuition rates skyrocketing – he is one of the lucky ones that escaped it. We all did it wrong. If I had to go back into high school – I would of worked by tail off to be a college punter. Just look how Pat McAfee is living. All he had to do was punt a football and he made millions and lives the good life. A true visionary.

Yankees Contenders? Or Pretenders?

              The Yankees this season have had more ups and downs than a roller coaster and being a fan is more frustrating than ever. When the Yankees are on they are REALLY on, we’re talking 7 game win streaks and 15 runs a game. When there off however they are really REALLY OFF we’re talking 8 game losing streaks pitching can’t go longer than 5 innings. The Yankees entered this year with two things low expectations and lots of potential for future success. Now that the Yankees appear to be (knock on wood) a playoff team this year we now must ask ourselves are the Yankees contenders or pretenders?

   All evidence seems to point to the Yanks being contenders with their high octane offense lead by rookie sensation Aaron Judge. They are also lead a young core of Gary Sanchez, Didi Gregorious, Starlin Castro, and Aaron Hicks. The Yankees are also currently tied for fourth in the league in run differential at +115. The Yankees also made big trades in the month of July acquiring Todd Frazier Tommy Kahnle and David Robertson. They also added two big arms to their starting rotation in Jamie Garcia and Sonny Gray. Plus they have arguably the best bullpen in the bigs right now. 

  While all that good stuff is going on for the Yanks there one problem that they have the one thing that has made so them frustrating to watch and it’s their consistency or lack there of. Like I said before when the Yanks are on there unstoppable and when the Yanks are off they can’t win to save their lives. To answer the question are the Yanks contenders as of right now I would say no at least not this year. This is a team with a young core and still a top 5 farm system and that’s with all the July trades they made. The Yankees are in a position to win for years to come but 2017 just won’t be their year. But hey don’t put anything past Joe Giaridi that man is a bleeping miracle worker sometimes. 


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Marshawn Lynch Spoke To Reporters Today; And Of Course It Was Gold

“Did you miss playing football last year?”


Hilarious. Tell it like it is Beast Mode.

I’m not going to lie – I have no fucking idea what he’s talking about with the Elephant and the Mouse. Completely lost me there Marshawn. His answer to the question about getting back into a routine is very relatable. I’m in college, so the first couple weeks of classes are terrible, not a morning person either, it’s straight after that though.

Marshawn Lynch press conferences are not just gold – they’re certified platinum. I’m not even lying when I say my senior quote in high school was from a Marshawn Lynch press conference:



The Bill For Saints Fans At An Atlanta Restaurant Comes Out To An Interesting Number

I know I know – everyone is starting to get sick of the Falcons 28-3 jokes. They are starting to get old now. Literally this week Matt Ryan hit 283k followers on Instagram and the internet exploded.

This would of been a killer joke – if it happened 4 months earlier and wasn’t a Saints fan. Dat team swept you guys, you can’t chime in on these jokes. Only Patriots fans can make those jokes – the Falcons dominated basically everyone else.

Matt Ryan and the Falcons are probably having anxiety attacks in anticipation for this season. Because this nightmare they have experienced probably couldn’t end soon enough for the birds.