Antonio Brown Douches Up Steelers Camp By Rolling Up In A 1931 Rolls Royce, With A Chauffer


This is probably the least surprising thing AB has done. Never put a weird stunt past Antonio Brown. I mean, he did nationally televised interviews with this haircut:

Image result for antonio brown haircut

Anyway, rolling up into camp in a 1931 Rolls Royce with a chauffeur driving HAS to be a giant fuck you to teammates watching. “Watch me in my 1000 year old car as I pace myself to being broke!”


Imagine being Odell Beckham seeing this? He is in camp when he should be holding out until he gets a new contract. And the receiver he competes with for total yards is doing this shit. LMAO.

Idk… Just saying, you never see team leaders like Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, or guys like that show off like fucking crazy, or get their teams penalties for twerking…

Seriously though, who would want to spend a ton of money on a car from 1931?? I would much rather get a car from this century, just saying. This is the type of cocky move that would make LaVar Ball cum to the moon.


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