James Harden Let The One’s Fly So Hard At A Strip Club That They Retired His Jersey


James Harden just signed the biggest contract extension in NBA history with the Houston Rockets earlier this summer. There is good reason to believe that a decent amount of that money will wind up on the floor of a Houston strip club.

According to Mal of the “Joe Budden Podcast,” Harden has his jersey hanging from the rafters of “one of the more popular” Houston strip clubs thanks to the amount he has spent there.

I have to say, ever since James Harden laid an egg against the Spurs, he’s bounced back quite a bit. Getting the highest paid contract in NBA history and then making it rain in the strip clubs is something anyone would do. 

This is the type of thank you that belongs in the hall of fame. Not only will James Harden get the publicity. But the strip club itself, has one hell of a marketing tool on their hands…

He’s giving back to the community! Gotta donate to where you spend most of your time! 

Listen, if you’re “outraged” over his offseason plans, you’re a pussy, simple. If you had $200M and you’re a dude, wouldn’t you hit up some strip clubs? It’s not like James Harden sucked… I mean, he was the fucking MVP runner up, let him enjoy himself.

It must of sucked for the common guy at the club when The Beard showed up. Strippers aren’t there for your enjoyment. They’re there for your 1s. All the attention must of been on JHard, thus ruining a couple dudes nights.


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