The Sixers and T-Wolves Will Be Playoff Teams This Year

Now these two teams have been cellar dwellers for years now so the thought of them being in the playoffs may sound crazy but this is the year the sixers and t-wolves will finally break through. Both teams are headlined by young talent and have both made draft night trades to steer them both in the right direction. 

The sixers may seem like a stretch given the fact that they’ve had a bottom 5 record for each of the last four seasons while constantly saying trust the process. But with the trade for Markelle Fultz prior to the draft, the debut of last years number one pick Ben Simmons, and the return of young star Joel Embid from injury the sixers days of winning 10 games a year may finally be behind them. Plus in a weak Eastern Conference where the 8 seed is up for grabs, the Sixers should have no problem taking claim to it. However they will need a healthy Joel Embid to do so. 

The Timberwolves on the other hand seem like an absolute certainty to make the playoffs next season. The timberwolves have built a young core with Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. Plus they’ve brought in former Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibideau and recently traded for All Star shooting guard Jimmy Butler. Plus with the Kyrie Irving Rumors floating around Minnesota is looking like there about to pull a major 180 and finally end there 13 year playoff drought and end it in a big way. The sky is the limit for both of these young teams. 



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