Kyrie Irving To The Warriors??

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This is a scenario worth discussing, would it ever happen? Probably not. But, both teams would probably come out satisfied in the end.

It would be a simple 2 player trade, Kyrie Irving, for Klay Thompson, straight up. Kyrie wants out of LeBron’s drama, and Klay Thompson is not feeling his diminished role. 

At the end of the day, Kyrie Irving has absolutely no say on where he goes. He doesn’t have the leverage Melo does on his no-trade clause, so Kyrie goes where Dan Gilbert wants.

It might be a better move for the future for the Cavaliers, Thompson is locked up for 2 more seasons, ensuring they’ll have a franchise player if LeBron leaves. 

Golden State would have one of the best back-courts in NBA History. Klay and Steph are fantastic, but Kyrie and Steph would bring a dynamic ability we have never seen in a tandem. 

Again, would it ever happen? likely not because they’re rivals. But a simple swap could honestly change the state of the NBA.

Potential Lineups:

GSW: G Curry G Irving F Durant F Green C Zaza

CLE: G Rose G Smith F Thompson F James C Love


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