Shaq Puts LaVar Ball In a Body Bag With A Diss Track

LaVar Ball has had quite the week. He has literally been giving himself L’s by quitting games. He’s acting like the 14 year old kid who threatens to run away from his parents. But he’s like fucking 50. And now, takes ANOTHER L.

We all know Shaq is not a fan of LaVar Ball. But, I never thought he would write and record a diss track against LaVar. 

This was surprisingly good. I especially like the fact Shaq chose the Meek Mill “Young Black America” beat. Iconic beat. 

Shaq’s skills on this were actually great, I hope HOV is listening, Shaq should ink a deal with Roc Nation. 

“I’ve been doing this a long time! While you was averaging two points, ridin’ the PINE!” 

OUCH. This line was literally 10 seconds into the song and LaVar was already dead. LaVar is gonna have to call Lonzo from the bullpen because I don’t think LaVar can come back from this.

“You know your ass is barbecue chicken in the post!”


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