The Golden State Warriors Have Ruined The NBA

     Most of the people reading this article have probably already left so they can tell me how stupid I am in the comments section. For those of you who are still with me I will explain why the Golden State Warriors Have Ruined The once great NBA. 

    Now the NBA has been in a decline for years now but the Warriors were the straws or straws that broke the camels back. When the Warriors first started to break through they were fine, they were actually kinda cool, I personally wasn’t a fan but they seemed fine. But with annoying bandwagon fan base and their cocky attitude they got old pretty fast. 

     The Warriors took any unpredictability the NBA had left(and that wasn’t all that much) and burned it and spit on the ashes. Now not only do we all know who will be in the finals and who will have home court but we now know who will win as early as June 20th. It’s like going to the movies to see a new movie and knowing what will happen, how it will happen, and how it will end at that point there is no point. That’s why I never watch regular season NBA anymore there’s just no point. 

      It doesn’t help that they have the worst fans in the world and it’s not even close(ok the pats fans are close). I honestly feel bad for the loyal Warriors fans who stuck with the dubs in the late 2000’s when they were nicknamed the L’s, these insufferable bandwagon fans (who were Thunder fans just 4 years ago) have given them such a bad name. What’s worse is that they don’t even realize how bad they are, they’re constantly saying how bad other fan bases are at least Patriots fans have the decency to admit their assholes. 

     Everything got worse on July 5th, 2016 When Kevin Durant announced he’d join the Warriors effectively ruining the NBA once and for all. That will be forever known by historians as The Day Shit Hit The Fan. It’s a shame the Cavs vs Warriors rivalry had so much potential after that iconic game 7, this had the making of an epic finals rivalry, a reward for fans who suffered through a disappointing regular season and playoffs but it was not be. 

     LeBron drove himself so crazy trying to beat these guys that he drove Kyrie right out the door which means the only team capable of dethroning them has officially fallen apart which means we’ll be seeing the Warriors on top for a long time. So between their annoying fan base and The the fact they’ve made NBA completely predictable that is why they have ruined the NBA. I look forward to hearing how much of a genius or dumbass I am in the comments section. P.S. at least we’ll always the blown 3-1 lead. 



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