Are The Sacramento Kings The Worst Franchise In Sports?

     The Sacramento Kings right now are in a terrible position they haven’t been to the playoffs in 11 seasons which the second longest active NBA drought, only the T-Wolves have a longer playoff drought at 13 years. Not only that but the kings seem nowhere near the playoffs after trading DeMarcus Cousins to the Pelicans last February. It’s a bleak time for Sacramento fans and now I’m about to tell you it could’ve all been avoided.  

     In 2012 The Sacramento Kings had DeMarcus Cousins,  Isaiah Thomas, and Hassan Whiteside all on the same team and they still screwed it up. Now I know what you’re thinking Whiteside wasn’t that great and needed time to develop more back in 2012 and part of what made IT so great today was being traded from the suns for practically nothing but he was still good with the Kings he even started for them, and Whiteside just needed time to marinate. As far as Cousins is concerned he was a franchise player a player that any franchise could build around and make into a contender. And if the Kings weren’t so stupid they could have Cousins, Thomas, Whiteside, and more at their disposal right now. 

   Now I know heindseight is 20-20 and most wouldn’t have predicted how much Whiteside would improve in the years following his Kings days but if the Kings would’ve been patient who knows what Whiteside would be doing in purple and black. Plus in 2013 the Kings traded for Rudy Gay and didn’t give up all that much in the process. Plus they had that other guy who they traded away you may know him as Tyreke Evans a former Rookie of the Year in 2010. Imagine The Kings could’ve had Isaiah Thomas, Tyreke Evans, Rudy Gay, DeMarcus Cousins, and Hassan Whiteside. That team would easily be a playoff team right now.

     What’s crazy is that they could’ve had an even better team team if they drafted better but they have made some shitty draft night choices over the years like Jimmer Fredette over Klay Thompson or Thomas Robinson over Andre Drummond or Ben McLemore over CJ McCollum even KCP who went one pick after McLemore would’ve been a better choice there. Then there was the time they took Nik Stauskas number 8 that was just embarrassing. You gotta feel bad for Kings fans this is a loyal fan base who routinely sells out the Golden 1 Center and the Kings reward thier loyalty by giving them shit team after shit team and threatening to move them to Seattle. 

    The Kings had all the potential in the world, they were handed a golden opportunity on a silver freakin platter and still screwed it up. They had one job ONE JOB. Then again I guess you can’t spell fucking stupid without the word KINGS in the middle. 



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