If You Need Something Funny In The Midst Of The Sunday Scaries. Here’s Chris Christie Basically Touching Noses With A Cubs Fan

Good ole Chris Christie. Going out in a blaze of glory on what was, literally the WORST rated governor in US history. 

Chris Christie literally can’t take a piss without going viral these days, this is just another example. When you close off a whole beach, for your six person family, karma isn’t in your favor.

The best part about this clip is the way he did it, has his nachos in hand, heat of the moment, and caresses them like a newborn baby. When you’re a fat guy, like myself, you gotta own it. The nacho caress is a fat guy move, gotta make sure other elements of you meal get the full grip of your hand. 

Another thing, Chris Christie has GOT to stop wearing dress clothes in public. Dude is a fucking fupa monster. Gonna take out some little kid with that shit one day.

Shout out to the lady in this clip saying “there’s secret service right there!” Hunny, they wouldn’t like Christie enough to protect him, calm ya self.

One last thing, wtf was he doing at a Brewers/Cubs game?? Watching baseball? Or he needs to try the famous cheese wheels. Take you pick.


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