Steve Bartman Will Recieve A 2016 World Series Ring

    Steve Bartman became infamous in the history of the Cubs and baseball in general when in 2003 he reached out to grab a foul ball and tipped it out of play. The Cubs lead the Florida Marlins 3-0 in game 6 of the NLC which they lead 3-2. The out would’ve been the second out of the inning meaning the Cubs were 4 outs away from the World Series. However Bartman’s interference lead to a Marlins Rally costing the Cubs the Game and eventually the series. 

   Bartman was escorted out of the arena for his own safety as Cubs fans were very hostile. Bartman had been in hiding for years afterward and the Cubs fans weren’t too forgiving a friend of Bartman said he occasionally still got death threats before the 2016 World Series victory. The Cubs have since responded by giving him an official World Series Ring to start the making up process. 

   The Cubs fans may never fully forgive or forget about the Steve Bartman Incident in 2003 but this certainly a great start. 



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