Ten Years Later, The Kevin Garnett Trade Is Still Doing Wonders For Boston 

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   Ten years ago today the Minnesota Timberwolves traded All Star and former league MVP Kevin Garnett to the Boston Celtics in a trade that changed everything. The trade brought KG to Boston and helped bring a seventh banner to Boston in the process. The trade still impacts the game today praticularly the Boston Celtics. 

   First we look at the trade itself which was a blockbuster deal wher Boston sent 5 players and 2 first round draft picks to the T-Wolves. Those players included Al Jefferson,Theo Ratliff,Gerald Green,Ryan Gomes, and Sebastian Telfair as well as 2 back to back first round picks in 2009. Boston in turn got one of the best things to ever happen to them. In the six years Kevin Garnett played for the Celtics they made the playoffs each year, the Eastern Confrence Finals thrice, The NBA Finals twice, and won it all in 2008. KG was a leader on and off the court and was worth every penny Boston paid for him. 

    On July 12, 2013 the Celtics traded Kevin Garnett along with Paul Pierce and Jason Terry to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Khris Humphrees, Keith Bogans, Gerald Wallace, Kris Joseph and the most important part 3 first round draft picks in 2014,2016,and 2018 with the right to swap picks in 2017 if the Nets had the lower pick. As a result of that trade the C’s were able to draft Jaylen Brown, and Jayson Tatum and it put them in position to trade for future All Star Isaiah Thomas. Plus there’s always the 2018 Brooklyn pick which looks to be another lottery pick and the Celtics if they get Lucky enough they could get their hands on prized Big Man Mo Bamba with that Brooklyn pick. If that is the case the Celtics could be a force to be reconed with for years to come. 

   The Timberwolves and Nets didn’t fare so well in this trade. The Timberwolves got a pretty good package in return for Garnett but it never really worked out. None of the 5 players aquired from Boston were on the team after 2010. Al Jefferson never really did well along side Kevin Love and everyone else was either injured or lackluster. Then they used their back to back draft picks in 2009 on Johnny Flynn and Ricky Rubio and those two didn’t really work out, they could’ve picked Steph Curry and/or DeMar DeRozen but that’s a different story for a different day. At least the T-Wolves are finally starting to get back on track as far as the Nets are concerned well it’s gonna be a long next couple of years maybe longer. 



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