The Worst Part Of Twitter: Automatic DM’s

It’s 3AM, I’m in a shitty motel room, and I can’t sleep. So, it’s rant time for Emperor Phade.

As you may have seen, we put this tweet up on our twitter of a salty dude blocking us for mocking his automatic DM:

Quite frankly, it was a build-up of frustration that cemented over the last 3 months. We at Phade Sports, literally get 100s of fucking auto DM’s a week. 

They’re the worst part of twitter. No I’m not going to watch your YouTube. No I’m not gonna buy your shit. And no, I’m not going to listen to your SoundCloud.

People, auto DM’s suck. Don’t use them to advertise yourself. It makes you look cheap and robotic. If you send an authentic DM, you’re way more likely to get attention. 

Hey CrowdFire, if you’re reading this, go fuck yourselves. You egg on this buffoonery and make people think they can actually market themselves with auto DM’s. They hurt more than help. Seriously. 

Here at Phade, we will never use that as advertising, because we’re not idiots. Here’s an example of how many auto DM’s we get:

That was just a sample over a 24 hour period.


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