5 (Indisputable) Reasons Kansas City Deserves an NBA Franchise


No Fluff, let’s get right to it:

  1. The Sprint Center.

The Sprint Center seats more than 19,000 people – Chesepeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City seats 18,203 people. The Sprint Center has hosted both the Men’s and Women’s National NCAA Basketball tournaments. The Sprint Center is the home of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame. The Sprint Center is already primed for basketball.

2. KC Culture Has Shifted; We Support Our Teams.

The KC Metro is home to The Loudest Stadium in The World™, the 2015 MLB World Champs and the 2-Time MLS Cup Champions. Kansas City has proven that the city stands behind it’s franchises and that we can sell out stadiums regardless of the sport. Supposed “Small-Market” people are delivering Prime Time results.




  1. The Midwest Breeds Ballers.

Our area is home to some of the premier college basketball programs in the nation – Kansas, Missouri, K-State, Iowa State, Illinois, DePaul – just to name a few. There are legions of dedicated basketball fans that pack these college arenas nightly. We have produced a deceptively large amount of NBA and WNBA talent – and it is time we get to watch these athletes play at the pro level.

  1. We Already Love Basketball.

Kansas City loves basketball but our only outlet is college. Every single person in this city knows an over-the-top KU fan that lives for basketball season. In addition to that there are NBA fans here already. People that drive 5 hours just to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder play a game. We have the fan base available to help an NBA team thrive. We can unite the area, professionally.

  1. The Market is Here.

St. Louis and Kansas City have media markets that are ranked withiin the top 35 of the United States. This is higher than Salt Lake City, Milwaukee, San Antonio, Oklahoma City AND Memphis – all of which host competitive and popular teams. We would be drawing from an insanely large audience that is thirsty to compete in the NBA.

Honestly, The fact that KC has not had the opportunity to get in on the NBA is a mistake by both the city and the Association. We are an up and coming metropolitan area with dedicated and energetic citizens who love to watch and attend sporting games. There’s always room for one more. Let’s make KC a 4 -team city, and show that the Midwest can compete with, and beat, the big dogs. Hell, I’ll even buy Sly James a jersey, personally.

— C Sev


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