A Little Kid Boarded A Plane By Fist Bumping Every Passenger; Instantly The Coolest Kid Ever.

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The kid is already a legend. 2 years old and boarding a plane with the fist bump is the type of cool we all strive to be. And he’s only 2, I’m talking and about the type of cool adults strive to be.

Imagine being the passenger for a second. All those stereotypes about young kids on planes, from many comedy monologues, you board a plane, and see that? Talk about a mind fuck.

I instantly thought of Tom Brunelle, the baby insurance agent from Family Guy:

“Tom Brunelle’s the name, insurance is the game.”

 If you’re the common 2 year old reading this, well, then I would start thinking about becoming an Apple engineer because you’re smaht.

Anyway, watch out young ones, this is the guy that’s going to steal your chick in 14 years. Live on the ocean, and finesse everyone in sight. You heard it first, future superstar.


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