Dave Portnoy Is Doing The Lords Work By Releasing The Roger Goodell “Clown Towel”

Photo via @stoolpresidente

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First off, the Dirty Towel can go suck a dick now. The Roger Goodell clown towel blows it out of the water, thanks to Dave Portnoy. 

Technically Barstool is a competitor, but not really. It doesn’t matter either way, credit is deserved.

Nice job Roger you fuckhead – You, and ESPN wanted this fight, Patriot Nation is fucking finishing it. You wanted the brute force of not only Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick – but also Patriots fans. Not a good idea when a Boston guy owns the best blog in the world. 

In this aftermath, Roger Goodell’s career is left in shambles, and all ESPN has is Jemele Hill. Awesome.

I’m not the greatest photo-shopper alive – but you get the damn point. 

Portnoy is not only using his success as a way to make fucking boatloads of money, but still keeps the same passion for Boston with his platform – he definitely doesn’t forget his roots.

Now, Goodell is going to roll up in Foxborough staring at these, 20,000 deep as Brady rips the NFL for yet, another season. 


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