Indianapolis Colts: Playoffs or Mediocrity?

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   The Indianapolis Colts have missed the playoffs each of the last two seasons after making the playoffs three straight years. The first five years of Andrew Luck’s career has been a series of ups of downs and has left everyone confused about what’s next for the Colts. Do they have enough for a playoff run or will they be stuck in mediocrity for another year?   

   The Colts drafted Andrew Luck in April of 2012  and expectations we’re mixed but most people didn’t expect them to be a playoff team for years. Much to everyone’s surprise mine included the Colts made the playoffs that year and they made it the next two years after that seemingly getting better each year. After that they missed the playoffs the next year after having Super Bowl expectations and missed the playoffs again next year looking like a shell of their once great selves. The only diamond in the rough known as Indianapolis is Andrew Luck and he’s still not even healthy enough to start camp. 

   Now the Colts have improved in several areas from last season the biggest of all firing Ryan Grigson. I could go on all day about how bad Ryan Grigson was but getting rid of him was greatest thing this organization has ever done. Grigson’s idea of building a team was overpaying senior citizens and drafting Phillip Dorsett over Landon Collins but again different story for a different day. With Ryan Grigson and Head Coach Chuck Pagano constantly going back and forth with each other it created a very toxic environment which hindered the teams success. Plus it doesn’t help that owner Jim Irsay is a crazed pill head. The Colts hired Kansas City Chiefs executive Chris Ballard who Jim Irsay called ‘the best GM candidate of the 21st century”. 

   In the 2016 offseason Ballard went out and got linebackers Jabaal Sheard, John Simon, Sean Spence, and Jon Bostic as well Johnathan Hankins to aid the front lines of the defense. They also Drafted Malik Hooker and Quincy Wilson to aid a secondary that had 8 interceptions all of 2016 alone. The Colts not only added help on the defensive end but they have a strong offensive unit coming back with an improved offensive line it certainly looks like the colts are in great shape to make a playoff run. 

   However there are still a lot of obstacles in the way of the Colts escaping the clutches of mediocrity. First of all I mentioned earlier that Andrew Luck is still recovering from shoulder surgery he is still listed on the PUP list, he hasn’t even started throwing yet. Though Luck said that he’d be ready for week one there’s still reason for concern not so much whether he’ll be able to play but how will he play. Plus while the defense and o-line have improved have they improved enough is the question, plus RB Frank Gore continues to get up there in age. The rest of the AFC South has also improved with Houston drafting Deshaun Watson and the Titans adding several free agents and the Jagua(I couldn’t even finish typing that). 

   My prediction for the Colts will be playoffs most of you will probably disagree and maybe I’m biased but I think they’ve finally got enough to make it back to the postseason. Do you agree or disagree with me let me know. 



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