Bigger Snake: Kyrie Irving Or Kevin Durant?

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In the last two years, the NBA has developed the Snake Phenomenon. After last July, I didn’t think I could of ever imagined someone being a bigger snake than Kevin Durant. Especially that person being Kyrie Irving.

After the video of Kyrie laughing at Steph’s mock of LeBron’s workout, there’s competition now. 

Let’s break it down:

Kyrie Irving: Requests for a trade, doesn’t return Cavs calls, 2 years left on contract, LeBron is the only reason he’s in the finals. Relationship with LeBron. Willingly disses LeBron on camera with his biggest rival, while he’s still on the team.

Kevin Durant: blows 3-1 lead to GSW, disappears, then signs with 73 win GSW team.  Free agent, not trade. Good relationship with Westbrook. Only one finals appearance. 

This is tough, because I know the context of each Snake-like characteristic. But, with that said, I’m going Kyrie.

Durant’ deal was up, he never openly dissed Westbrook to rivals, while on the SAME TEAM. Durant didn’t request for a trade, and didn’t disrespect the Thunder franchise by not returning calls.

Kyrie was in the finals EVERY season solely because of LeBron. LeBron gave him everything, Kyrie was a star, but didn’t plateau until the LeBron era. 


Irving went behind LeBron’s back and stabbed that shit harder than I’ve seen in sometime. He’s punking out with two years left on his deal. At least KD was a free agent and played his contract out. 

Don’t get me wrong, KD punked out going to GSW, it was a WEAK move. But, I would say Irving’s situation has more snake-like qualities. 


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