LaVar Ball Vs Michael Jordan Breakdown + Prediction 

We finally have some clap back from Jordan, and now, a challenge from LaVar. LaVar said he’ll play Jordan, if it is on Pay Per View. We all know why LaVar wants that, no secret here.

Let’s breakdown the matchup:

LaVar Ball: 6’6″ 320 LB 48 years old

Michael Jordan: 6’6″ 216 LB 54 years old

Right away, LaVar has the edge in size, and he is younger. LaVar will have to back down Jordan, use the drop-step, the fade-away, and the up and under, the hesi with the jimbo. All that Jazz. LaVar should take midrange shots early, to keep Jordan honest. Can’t be one dimensional in a 1 v 1 game.

For Jordan, he will have the edge with speed, ball handling, and shooting. Jordan will have to use his creative scoring moves to get easy layups, jump shots. In a 1 v 1 game, winners ball will cripple LaVar. If Jordan can ring off 6 easy layups to start, LaVar won’t ever touch the rock. Defensively, Jordan should go for steals often, I can’t imagine Ball is coordinated.

With all the factors that come into play, im going to predict that Jordan will win this game narrowly by a score of 1632726-0.


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