The Dodgers Will Win The World Series This Year

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    Now ordinarily saying the best team in baseball will win it all isn’t always the hottest take in the world but the Dodgers have a history of dodging the World Series. It’s kinda become a yearly tradition for the Dodgers but I think this is the year that they finally make it to the World Series and there gonna win it too. Every year it seems like this is the Dodgers year there the Washington Capitals of the MLB. They are routinely finding new ways to lose playoff series’ and it doesn’t help that their best pitcher Clayton Kershaw usually comes up in the small time. 

  This year is different however this year the Dodgers are simply too good to be making an early exit. This is a team who recently followed an eleven game win streak with a nine game win streak. The Dodgers added Yu Darvish to an already good starting pitching staff anchored by Clayton Kershaw who’s starting to do better in the playoffs year after year. And they have a good bullpen anchored by Kenley Jensen. Plus their lineup has been unstoppable lately with Justin Turner and Cody Bellenger leading the way. 

   Simply they’re just too talented and too experienced to be making an early exit this year. As for who they will face I think they’ll get either the Indians or the Astros personally I think it will be the Indians which should make for a very competitive and very fun series. Now I said the same thing earlier this year about the Capitals so take this with a grain of salt but I truly believe that this is the year of the Dodgers, what do you think. 



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