Would The TWolves Be Stupid To Trade Andrew Wiggins For Kyrie Irving?

I feel like i’m in the minority when I say the TWolves would be smart not to trade for Kyrie Irving. Especially if it requires trading Andrew Wiggins for Kyrie Irving. Wiggins literally just signed an extension, he is locked up for the next 5 years, Kyrie has 2 years left.

When Kyrie’s contract is up, he will probably command the highly coveted supermax contract. He is NOT worth the supermax deal. No one-dimensional player is worth the supermax deal.

Dealing a young Wiggins, who is locked up longer, will score the same amount, and plays better defense – for Kyrie, who doesn’t play D, shoot first PG, with KAT, and costs so much more with a shorter contract is a stupid idea.

The TWolves have a fantastic core now, they should keep that intact, rather than overspend, or even lose a one-dimensional point guard – while giving up a young Wiggins. Don’t fall for it TWolves, don’t.


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