2017-18 Season Projections For LeBron James

First off, These projections are all going to be made assuming Kyrie Irving won’t be a Cavalier:

LeBron is coming off a weird season. Not often in NBA history has a player set statistical career highs and NBA Finals records in their 14th season. But, it happened – LeBron set a career high in APG – and was the first player in NBA history to average a triple double in the Finals, while shooting 57%. But yet people think his legacy somehow took a hit… Idk man, people are crazy.


If Kyrie leaves, I would have to assume LeBron would take more shots, naturally – seeing how Kyrie led the team in shots. So, essentially his FG% might drop, and his assists per game might drop.

But, he’ll still be the best player in the league, don’t trip about it. I think LeBron James will average 27.4 PPG 7.8 RPG & 7.9 APG. I think even without Kyrie, Cleveland goes to the NBA Finals yet again, but loses in six to Golden State. LeBron will end up winning the NBA MVP in my opinion – but I don’t think this Cavalier team will have enough firepower to beat GSW unless they get Eric Bledsoe & Josh Jackson. If they get both of those guys I might have to re-consider.
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