Hey Houston Rockets: Melo Is The Answer


What are the Rockets waiting for? No one on the planet thinks for a second that just because they added Chris Paul to the mix that Houston has a chance to beat the Warriors in the playoffs. If this team was smart they would do everything possible to trade for Carmelo Anthony and at least give the Warriors a run for their money.

Melo averaged 22 PPG and 6 boards, and is one of the most successful players at creating points in the midrange – exactly the diversity the Rockets need as they rely almost exclusively on pick-and-roll offense and 3-pointers. The Rockets will need a pure scorer on the floor when Paul or Harden are off, Carmelo is the answer.


Save all the “He never passes the ball” and the “He wont move the needle for Houston” arguments. Melo is an NBA Superstar and in the Association you need three of them to win a ring. You’re gonna sit there and pass on an opportunity to acquire a 10-time All-Star, 6-time All-NBA Selection, and 2013 NBA Scoring Champion?

With Melo spreading the floor as a stretch 4 and Chris Paul and James Harden creating open looks, the Rockets (who had the #2 offense last season) would be the most explosive offensive force in the NBA. Extremely high volume offense with a low amount of turnovers.

It is painfully obvious that there is no way to guard the Golden State Warriors. It might be time for a new strategy – just flat out outscore them.

Bring Melo to the H. Run up the buckets.

Pull the trigger, Houston.
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