Better 1st Overall Pick? Le’Veon Bell v.s. David Johnson

Right off the bat I’m going to say this: You can’t go wrong here. Most people would love to have either of these guys on their fantasy team. Still, you have to make a choice, come draft day. Most experts are saying that Johnson is the right choice here. I’m here to tell you that’s wrong:

As you all know Bell missed the first four weeks of the season last year. With those four games out he still had more rushing yards at 1,268 to Johnson’s 1,239. That’s with 30 less carries than Johnson. Bell also got about four more carries a game then Johnson even with a guy named Antonio Brown on his team.

Now I know that most of the averages are going to favor Bell because he played less games, but still 106 rushing yards to Johnson’s 77. If Bell had (insert Stephen A. Smith voice) “Stayed of the WEEEEDUH” –  he would have been the leading rusher in the NFL without a doubt. The games he missed were against the Redskins (24th in rushing defense), Bengals (21st), Eagles (15th), and the Chiefs (26th). Not even one top 10 rushing defense and three that aren’t even top 20. Now this is fantasy football and rushing yards alone aren’t going to be winning you championships.

David Johnson put up some ridiculous numbers up last year both on the ground and in the air. They were both great in the air with Johnson beating out Bell by about 260 yards on five more catches. Bell is the better pass catcher, in my opinion, with Johnson being the better after the catch guy because of his size and strength. So you can’t really say one is better than the other in this. But there was one stat last year that heavily favored Johnson and that was touchdowns.

Now Bell can have games where he light’s up the scoreboard by himself. Like against the Bill’s last year in one of the most ridiculous games I’ve seen in awhile where he put up 298 total yards and 3 scores. Johnson had two games with 3 touchdowns with one of them coming against the Seahawks. So, if there is an area in which Bell with have a disadvantage next year it will be in the touchdown department. Mainly because Bell has to go against one of the best in the game right now, Antonio Brown. Only real threat to take touchdowns from Johnson is an aging Larry Fitzgerald.

All in all, I feel like both of these guys are going to have monstrous seasons if they stay healthy. What puts Bell higher for me is the fact that he stayed close to Johnson’s great season while missing games because of his suspension. When they go head to head all season for the first time, I feel like everyone will soon realize who the better player is. So if you have that first pick you grab this season’s RB1 in Le’Veon Bell.



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