The Packers Reportedly Almost Traded Aaron Rodgers For Randy Moss In 2007


Real GM:

In 2007, the Oakland Raiders were close to trading Randy Moss to the Green Bay Packers in a package that would have included Aaron Rodgers. Both Pro Football Talk and Michael Felger of the Boston Herald reported the Packers were ready to trade then-backup quarterback Rodgers for Moss.

The Raiders instead traded Moss to the New England Patriots for a fourth round pick that they used on John Bowie. 

Moss agreed to restructure his deal with the Patriots and they went on to go 18-1.

Rodgers replaced Brett Favre as Packers’ quarterback after the 2007 season.

Talk about a close call… I actually have a beef with franchises who trade valuable assets for wide receivers. WR’s are the most replaceable players on the field. Trading young QB’s for a wide receiver is NEVER a good idea. You’re supposed to build from the Center – outward when building a franchise.

This probably would have been one of the worst trades of all time. It would be one thing if this was a nobody franchise like the Rams. But, trades like this can derail great franchises like the Packers. It’s a move a lot of franchises won’t be able to recover from. Packers fans, take a breath – and thank god your front office wasn’t THIS stupid.


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