Football Is Almost Here!

   College Football kicks off in just two weeks and the NFL is one week after and I cannot wait any longer. Football season is without a doubt the best time of the year and the college football Saturday then NFL Sunday is the best one-two punch in the world. Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey are fine and they do a good job of helping fill the void left when football leaves but there is only one football. 

   The best part about football is its unpredictablity just when you think you have it figured it swerves you. Between the Rise of Penn State and USC in the world of college football the surprise of Washington and the fall of Notre Dame in the college world. The Surprise of Oakland and the journey of first to worst by Carolina and Arizona. Just when you think they’ll zig they zag. And sure the Patriots winning the Super Bowl isn’t too much of a surprise but the 28-3 comeback with as little time as they had nobody could’ve seen that coming. 

   This year in football should be a great year with different stories to follow for both the pros and the kids. We got the story of USC and Sam Darnold argueably the most pro ready qb in college football. We got The Raiders and Derek Carr can they keep their hot streak alive and rule the AFC.   Who will be IN for the college football playoff. Can Penn State make it in through a tough BIG 10. And as always can anyone stop The Patriots and Alabama. Will their reigns of dominance continue or will they be hoisting championship trophies in the winter once again. 

   Not to mention Fantasy Football that’s always great. Between fantasy craziness, redzone(the channel), the viewing parties, the exitment of the game football can’t come soon enough. Don’t worry it’s just two more weeks. 



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