The Chargers Just Tweeted 85+17= 100? Something Tells Me That’s Wrong

Promo tweets gone wrong. Listen, we all know this is some 21 year old intern fresh out of college that fucked this tweet up. It’s happens literally all the time because full time employees obviously don’t want to deal with having to tweet. It’s the virtual version of Interns fetching coffee for people.

But, they seem to be sticking by their obvious fuck up:

Most teams would delete that tweet instantly – not the Chargers. They double down on their fuck up with a very mild clap back to the trolls.

Rule #1 to twitter clap backs: if they aren’t off the charts funny wise – don’t respond. Because then the internet has a field day.

Guys guys guys. This is a big moment for the Chargers. It will probably be the most pub they will get the entire season. Let em live it up until their whole roster gets injured like always.

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Categories: Entertainment, Fails, Funny, NFL

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