What Does Sammy Watkins Mean To The Rams?

Friday was a day of bombs being dropped in the NFL world. Zeke Elliot was handed his 6 game suspension, the Bills traded Sammy Watkins to the Rams, and traded Ronald Darby to the Eagles for WR Jordan Matthews. Wild wild day.

What does Sammy Watkins mean to the Rams though?

Well, the Rams will finally have a target for Jared Goff that can actually make plays. Going into the season his top target was Robert Woods – not ideal if your #1 draft pick QB is already under fire for being a bust.


Looks like this was the break the Rams and Jared Goff were seeking. Now let me note, this could backfire quickly and Watkins could get hurt again. But, if the Goff-Watkins connection works, Goff might be able to hit the stride his career desperately needs. His confidence needs a serious boost.

I can’t imagine this Rams team has playoff aspirations coming into this season. This move had Goff written all over it. While it is a great idea, it’s also a risky one if Watkins continues his injury problems. This is the beginning of the end for QB Jared Goff already – NFL teams don’t have patience with #1 QB’s who stink it up. So, let’s hope Goff and Watkins can gel together, and Watkins can stay healthy.
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