Should LeBron Consider Returning To Miami?

Due to Cleveland’s old expensive roster, Kyrie Irving, and LeBron’s age – it looks like the King could be leaving Cleveland once again. Most people think the Lakers are a logical landing spot for LBJ’s next chapter.

What if I said he should return to Miami?

It makes total sense as far as the roster, youth, and big market goes. The Heat have a good PG in Goran Dragic, a reformed Dion Waiters, Justise Winslow, James Johnson – and LeBron would actually have a dominate big man in Hassan Whiteside.

Just look at both rosters without LeBron (CLE, MIA). Cleveland has Kyrie (likely gone), Jr Smith, Thompson, & Kevin Love. Miami has Waiters, Dragic, Whiteside, Johnson, and Winslow. That’s a much better roster than Cleveland – and Cleveland beat a 73 win team in the NBA Finals with LeBron. Imagine how good that Miami team with King James would be?

It would be considered a WILD move to leave a return to two different franchises – but the makeup of the Miami Heat fits LeBron’s situation well.


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