MLB Playoff Predictions 

   We are a month and a half away from October which means we are a month and a half away from playoff baseball. Playoff baseball is one of the best times of the year and it can also be one of the more unpredictable ones. That being said I will now predict what will happen a month and a half away wish me luck. 
   First we start with who’s in and who’s out beginning with the American League. The division champs from the East will be the Red Sox, the Indians out of Central and the Astros from the West. They will Rank as follows Boston number 1, Houston number 2,Cleveland number 3. Yes you heard it here first I’m predicting Boston to finish ahead of Houston the Sox are heating up at the right time and Houston is slowing down big time it won’t be long till Boston is on top. Joining them in the Wild Card will be The Yankees playing host to the Royals. 

   We now move on to the National League playoffs. First we have our division winners out of the East the Nationals, The Cubs from the Central, and of course the Dodgers out of the West. They wil be seeded as follows the Dodgers number 1, The Nationals number 2, and the Cubs number 3. The Wild Card game will be the D-Backs hosting the Cardinals. That’s right I have the Rockies missing the playoffs because if baseball has taught me one thing it’s this NEVER TRUST THE ROCKIES. 

   Now for Bracket predictions we start with the Wild Card. We got the Yankees defeating the Royals in the AL and the D-Backs defeating the Cardinals in the NL. Now in the ALDS we got the Indians over the Astros in 5 and the Red Sox over the Yankees in 4 maybe 5 games(hard as that is for me to say as a Yankees fan). And in the NLDS we got the Dodgers over the D-Backs in 4 and the Cubs over The Nationals in 5(never trust the Nationals either). 

  Setting up a final four of Red Sox vs Indians and Dodgers vs Cubs. The ALCS will see the Indians over the Red Sox in 7 games and the NLCS will see the Dodgers over the Cubs in 6 games. Setting up a World Series between the Indians and Dodgers battling for the biggest prize in Baseball. In what should be an entertaining series I got the Dodgers winning the World Series in 6 games. 


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