VIDEO: Red Sox First Pitch Sails Straight Into A Camera Man’s Nards

Just a bit outside….

Camera guys always get it the worst. From being kicked in the nuts by Dennis Rodman, being ran over by athletes – all the way to smelling like beer constantly due to drunk fans having a case of the butter fingers.

Excellent discipline by this camera guy. Holds his ground and keeps focused through the whole clip until the point of impact. Then shakes away in despair – obviously. Thanks to his discipline, media outlets will probably pay gobs of $$$ to get the video he recorded for comedic purposes. Good play jimbo, good play. Takin’ one for the team, very unselfish guy.

The pitch was disastrous. Might be worse than 50 Cent’s attempt at a first pitch. Although, we wouldn’t remember it if it didn’t fly into a guy’s nuts. Perspective.



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