Yankees Contenders? Or Pretenders?

              The Yankees this season have had more ups and downs than a roller coaster and being a fan is more frustrating than ever. When the Yankees are on they are REALLY on, we’re talking 7 game win streaks and 15 runs a game. When there off however they are really REALLY OFF we’re talking 8 game losing streaks pitching can’t go longer than 5 innings. The Yankees entered this year with two things low expectations and lots of potential for future success. Now that the Yankees appear to be (knock on wood) a playoff team this year we now must ask ourselves are the Yankees contenders or pretenders?

   All evidence seems to point to the Yanks being contenders with their high octane offense lead by rookie sensation Aaron Judge. They are also lead a young core of Gary Sanchez, Didi Gregorious, Starlin Castro, and Aaron Hicks. The Yankees are also currently tied for fourth in the league in run differential at +115. The Yankees also made big trades in the month of July acquiring Todd Frazier Tommy Kahnle and David Robertson. They also added two big arms to their starting rotation in Jamie Garcia and Sonny Gray. Plus they have arguably the best bullpen in the bigs right now. 

  While all that good stuff is going on for the Yanks there one problem that they have the one thing that has made so them frustrating to watch and it’s their consistency or lack there of. Like I said before when the Yanks are on there unstoppable and when the Yanks are off they can’t win to save their lives. To answer the question are the Yanks contenders as of right now I would say no at least not this year. This is a team with a young core and still a top 5 farm system and that’s with all the July trades they made. The Yankees are in a position to win for years to come but 2017 just won’t be their year. But hey don’t put anything past Joe Giaridi that man is a bleeping miracle worker sometimes. 


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