Red Sox, Yankees Its Business Time!


   This weekend is perhaps the biggest weekend of the season for the Yankees as they head to Fenway for 3 games against the Red Sox. The Red Sox are currently ahead of the Yankees in the AL East by 4 games, defeat in this series is not an option for the Yanks. The Yanks are more than capable of beating Boston however the same can be said about the Sox so this is BUSINESS TIME for the Yanks. 

    The Red Sox are catching fire at the time which is no good for the Yankees however the Yanks are coming off a sweep of the subway series with a rested bullpen. The Yankees lead the season series 7 games to 5, however the Red Sox have won 4 of the last 7 contests all of which have happened recently. The last time the Yanks went to Fenway they split in the most 50/50 fashion ever with both sides blowing leads in the 1st 2 games and exchanging 3-0 victories in a double header to close the series. However the Yankees as a whole have a 4-2 record at Fenway this season. 

    The Yankees need a victory this series and here is they can accomplish that. First they need to take advantage of what baserunners they can get on base. With Pomeranz and Sale set to take the hill to start this series they cannot afford to leave any runners on base which they have a habit of doing this season. Second don’t let Aroldis Chapman anywhere close to the mound this series the Red Sox have given him such a hard time this season and they’ve got plenty of other bullpen options. I’m not giving up on Chapman but his arm is spent right now because of last October he needs rest, time to recover so he can be the Aroldis Chapman they payed the big bucks for. Thirdly they need to close out better this time around, twice in their last 2 series against the Sox they’ve lost a game despite having a lead in the games final inning mostly because of Chapman but not entirely. Even last week they almost blew a lead in the ninth after coming back in the 8th. 

   If the Yanks can do those three things then they should be able to pick up the W this series. It won’t be easy but it never was easy, it’s not supposed to be easy that’s what makes this rivalry so fun. I think the Yankees will come through and take care of business this weekend their season depends on it. 


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