WATCH: BGSU Kicker Earns Scholarship By Nailing A 53-Yarder


No pressure, Jake Suder. No pressure at all.

The Bowling Green kicker was having such a strong day at practice recently, according to Yahoo! Sports, that coach Mike Jinks put him on the spot — on the spur of the moment — and challenged him to make a 53-yard field goal with a full scholarship on the line.

Piece of cake.

Suder calmly nailed it and earned a scholarship for the rest of his college career. His teammates made it an epic moment, going into all-out celebration mode after the redshirt junior hit the field goal.

Jesus. The pressure here is much larger than any game he could possibly kick in at Bowling Green. I watched this video both in joy & envy. Because I can’t kick a field goal to erase my college bills. lol.

Anyway, congrats to the kid – having debt is literally the biggest monkey on any college students back. And with tuition rates skyrocketing – he is one of the lucky ones that escaped it. We all did it wrong. If I had to go back into high school – I would of worked by tail off to be a college punter. Just look how Pat McAfee is living. All he had to do was punt a football and he made millions and lives the good life. A true visionary.

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