Why The Yankees need to shut down Aroldis Chapman

    Last night Aroldis Chapman was awful and quite frankly it was flat out embarrassing. I mean not covering home plate cmon you gotta be there or at least attempt to be there that would barely be acceptable in high school never mind the big leagues. Plus two people double stole him blind completely embarrassing! His last several outings have been completely unacceptable and it needs to stop now, it’s time to shut him down. 

   Even if it’s just for a few weeks the Yankees need to do this he has not been the same this year as he was last year. He was good to start the year but ever since he got injured back in May he’s gone way down hill. I personally think he was overworked last October and hasn’t quite yet recovered, plus the rotator cuff may not be 100% either. His speed is still there but his control is completely gone, I have more control than him right now and I’m the worst baseball player alive ask anyone I went to High School with. Right now Chapman needs time to rest his arm and clear his mind because something is clearly wrong. 

   As for who should take over as closer while there are several options thanks to the Todd Frazier trade I think the Yanks should go with Delin Betances. Have David Robertson be the 8th inning setup and have Tommy Kahnle be the 7th inning guy. I’m not saying keep him off the field the rest of the year but as of right Now Aroldis Chapman should be a pitchers mound anytime soon. The Yanks have a deep bullpen with plenty of options like Chasen Shreve, Chad Green, Adam Warren, even Johnathan Holder who’s in AAA for some reason hopefully he’s back up soon. Please Joe Giaridi listen to me and do the right thing shut him down now. 


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