Blair Walsh Stares Down Vikings Sideline After Hitting A 52 Yard FG


This is honestly so sad. Staring down the Vikings sideline after blowing a playoff game for them is such a weak move. If you include context, it becomes hilariously sad. He hit a field goal in a meaningless preseason game that nobody cares about. It would be one thing if you miss a 52 yard FG in that crazy cold that was the Vikings/Seahawks playoff game – the ball is a brick in that game.

But the FG was a fucking 27 yarder – shorter than a damn XP! You can’t be looking to get revenge in that game, it makes you look even worse. That’s the type of L that you just have to tuck away and forget it ever happened. Staring down the sideline after making one in a preseason game is such a weak move after you screwed them in the past.


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