Time to Accept the Reality Colts Fans

It has been a little over a week since Jim Irsay reluctantly declared “I can’t say that unequivocally he’ll be ready for the Ram game,’But I can say I feel confident he’ll be ready to start the season. Now that may not be the Ram game, but to start the season, yes.”

Sounds a little like your drunk pal talking, doesn’t it?

3 weeks until the start of the 2017 regular season opener and we know just as much as we did 2 months ago, very little. Although, Luck has reportedly been “throwing”…

Throwing what you ask? Maybe a tennis ball? Maybe a potato?

What we do in fact know, is that Jim Irsay is a giant liar. Colts fans shouldn’t believe a single word of his mouth. Instead we should read the writing on the wall. 3 weeks to go and Luck is still to attend a practice. It is time for Colts fans to accept the reality of the situation at hand, Andrew Luck isn’t playing much football in September.


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