It’s Time To Appreciate All Isaiah Thomas Did For Boston

   On February 19, 2014 The Celtics traded for Isaiah Thomas from the Phoenix Suns in exchange for Marcus Thornton and Cleveland’s 2016 first round pick which Phoenix traded so they could draft Marquis Chris. That trade changed the direction of the Boston Celtics for years to come turning them from a sure fire lottery team into a playoff team in just two months. Going 21-9 after trading for IT, the Celtics went 19-31 to 40-42 and snagging a 7th seed in the East

  In the time Isaiah Thomas was a Celtic the Celtics improved their win totals each season 40 year 1, 48 year 2, and 53 in year 3 which was good enough for the East’s top seed. IT dropped 50+ on twice last season 52 against the Heat in late December and 53 against the Wizards in game two of the East Semifinals. He made two All Star appearances and even made the All NBA Second Team. He also averaged 28 PPG and shot over 90% from the free throw line. He was also arguably the 2nd most popular figure in all of Boston Sports behind Tom Brady everyone had an IT jersey I almost had 2 but the order got cancelled. 

   He accomplished so much in his three years here it’s such a shame that we have to say goodbye. Why I’m so excited about the C’s getting Kyrie Irving it was a great day and it made one of my friends who hates the C’s pissed off in the process so double win. IT will always be a Celtic and will be forever missed for he had incredible 3 years here in Boston so now I say goodbye and thank you. Also best of luck in Cleveland. 


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