The Benches Clear THRICE In The Yankees Tigers Game Today. 

   The Benches cleared not once, not twice, but thrice in today’s Yankees-Tigers game. The first happened in the 6th after Yankees pitcher Tommy Kahnle hit Miguel Cabrera intentionally after Michael Fulmer hit Gary Sanchez in the 5th and as a result miggy and Yanks catcher Austin Romine had a few words for each other then miggy shoved Romine and the fight was on. The second came when Delin Betances hit Tigers catcher James McCann in the head. And the third was when Tigers Pitcher Alex Wilson hit Todd Frazier 

   This game was a wild game with 8 ejections 3 benches cleared and 16 total runs scored. Games like this are very rare and always entertaining unless your favorite team loses the game. But it was a truly wild game and win or lose it’s always fun seeing Austin Romine beat up Miguel Cabrera. Overall this was a good series for the Yankees scoring a total of 29 runs while 2 of the 3 games are even managing 6 runs in today’s loss. This game was back and forth, it was brutal, it was explosive everything you want out out of a baseball game and it sure to have people talking. 


Pic courtesy http://www.yesnetwork.com/ 

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