Mayweather vs. McGregor Recap

   First of all what a fight it was entertaining from start to finish and McGregor was really impressive. The whole night in general was good even the three fights before the main event were fairly entertaining and a little controversial. But the main event and arguably the biggest fight in years delivered in a big way. The fight went into the tenth round and while McGregor did impress this was a perfectly boxed fight by Floyd. 

  The early rounds were dominated by McGregor but as the fight waged on Floyd took control. He let McGregor tire himself out and feeled him out then he started to really get some great shots. Conor McGregor definitely impressed a lot of people tonight, he really took it to one of the best boxers of all time. You could tell that he was very much a fish out of water in this encounter by his lack of discipline and trying to go all in too quickly and Floyd took advantage of it. I’ll admit the ref may have called it a bit early I would’ve liked to see McGregor either go the distance or get knocked down for real but if Mayweather kept going in that round like he was a real KO that round would’ve been a certainty. 

    One thing is for sure this fight was miles better than May-Pac 2 years ago and that was really all I asked for. Some people weren’t a fan while others really like it, some thought it was rigged but one thing can’t be denied the was great. I’m not a big boxing fan but this night of boxing really has made me reconsider that stance a bit. 


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