Brandon Ingram Is The Biggest Key To A Lakers Run At LeBron James

The Lakers have now shaped their roster as young and athletic – surrounded by a bunch of top picks. They have their PG of the future now with Lonzo Ball, who has shown he has a gift to pass the ball and hit the open guys. The Lakers traded for Brook Lopez who has shown he can score all over the place to give them a weapon in the post with Randle. In that process, they shedded Timofey Mozgov’s shitty contract.

The Lakers have also added Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, one of the few all star caliber two way guards in the NBA. He will be a huge key to the Lakers season now.

But, when LeBron James becomes a free agent, and the Lakers seek his services – Brandon Ingram’s development will be one of the biggest key’s to swaying LeBron to LA. If Ingram develops into a 16 a game scorer after scoring 7 a game last season – that will open LeBron’s eyes.

Not only will that open LeBron’s eyes, but it will possibly open Paul George’s eyes. Let’s make something very clear first – these Lakers with LeBron added do not beat Golden State. Not happening, they need another veteran star who can defend the wing and hit 3 point shots.

With the young guys in LA, Paul George, and LeBron James – that’s enough to beat Golden State barring injuries. In an NBA Finals vs. the Eastern Conference, I would assume they would draw the Boston Celtics – and they would sweep them off the fucking map no problem.

If Brandon Ingram impresses this season, that could be enough to lure LeBron James to the Lakers, along with Paul George. If the young guys make no improvements, LeBron is in a tough shot – and we’ll have to wait it out for the decision part III.


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