Cleveland Was Clearly Bluffing About Isaiah; Koby Altman Basically Tried To Steal Jayson Tatum

Last night, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics completed their trade revolving around star PG Kyrie Irving. Boston will receive Kyrie Irving in exchange for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, the Brooklyn Nets unprotected 2018 1st round pick, and the Celtics acquired 2020 2nd round pick.

After reporting that Isaiah Thomas’ hip wasn’t very good, the Cavs used that as an opportunity to steal either Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum for Boston. That type of move by GM Koby Altman is the equivalent of a half court heave in a real game. Any logical basketball fan knew Boston wasn’t going to give up those two. Don’t forget, it wasn’t too long ago that Danny Ainge was hanging up on teams who asked for Jaylen Brown.

Danny Ainge wasn’t getting completely robbed in this deal. Kyrie Irving is a star, an elite offensive player. But, even with the original offer – Ainge is pushing it a little for Kyrie, who is a one way player. We aren’t talking about a trade for Kevin Durant, or Kawhi Leonard – so, the Celtics did give up a lot for Kyrie.

This is how you know the Cavaliers have a rookie GM – Danny Ainge knows basketball heists pretty well. He pulled one of his own back in 2013 at the expense of the lowly Brooklyn Nets. I don’t think the Cavaliers actually believed that they would get Jayson Tatum to be included in the trade. It was worth the shot though…



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