Science Has Confirmed That Jim Irsay Is The Worst Owner In Sports. 

    The results are in through the use of carbon dating and we have confirmed that Jim Irsay is the worst owner in sports today. When discussing the worst owners Jim Irsay’s name hardly ever comes and that is wrong it’s so wrong. Now I know what you’re thinking Jed York, James Dolan, and Jimmy Halsam are horrendous owners (funny how all their names start with a J) but I will show how Irsay is worse much much worse. 

  Irsay has owned the team since 1997 when inherited it from his father Robert Irsay. Since owning the team they have been quite successful and at the same time they’ve been one of the luckiest. They’ve had the fourtine of landing stud QBs Peyton Manning and later Andrew Luck. He also had the fortune of landing Hall of Fame head coach Tony Dungy after the Bucs fired him despite 3 straight playoff appearances. Fun Fact the Colts never missed the playoffs when Manning and Dungy together, in fact they only had fewer than 12 wins once. They were even able to land Bill Polian as their GM the man who built the early 90’s Bills and they only went to 4 Super Bowls. 

     A blind monkey could see that Manning, Polian and Dungy were the right choices for the job. In 2011 after a 2-14 campaign Irsay fired Polian despite the fact that Peyton Manning missed the whole year. After that he hired Ryan Grigson one of his best friends and I think we all know how that turned out. He even signed Grigson to an extension after the trainwreck known as the 2015 season. Plus he has yet to find a decent head coach since Tony Dungy retired. First there was Jim Caldwell who merely watched from the sidelines as Peyton carried the team. Now there’s Chuck Pagano a defensive minded coach who constantly has a below average defense. 

   Over the last few years Irsay has been flat out lying to our faces particularly about Andrew Luck’s health. For starters he’d been playing through a labrum injury since 2015 and we had no idea. Even in a recent press conference he lied to Colts Nation; first by saying there’s been no mystery or no surprises with Lucks Injury. Lucks status has gone from ready by training camp to ready by week one to no timetable so much for no mysteries or surprises. He also said and I quote “he will ready to start the season, maybe not the Ram game but to start the season” I don’t if that’s a lie I don’t know if he’s pilled up either way it’s not good. 

   Plus there was that whole DUI thing back in 2014 that was just embarrassing. Then there’s the 2014 AFC Finalist banner hanging in Lucas Oil Stadium which is the most infuriating thing ever. This mans success has been mostly because of Luck no pun intended. He’s a pill head who’s constant mismanagement of this team is why the Colts have been playing golf in January the last few years and not playing football. As I mentioned earlier Jim Irsay isn’t considered the worse owner by a lot of people because of the Colts early success with Peyton which resulted in a Super Bowl; and the most of their later failures have been pinned on Ryan Grigson not the guy who picked him over Bill Polian. But it’s time we read through the lines and realized just how bad Irsay truly is. 


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