Byron Buxton, Its Been Awhile

Let me take you guys back, back to the summer of 2014. Its mid July and I took my vacation to Daytona Beach Florida. Now when most people head down to Daytona they go for the beach or maybe to see Daytona International Speedway or even Bike week, But I went for something else to see the future of my Minnesota Twins play 4 Class A Advanced games.  At the time Byron Buxton mania was here, he was fresh off of hitting .334 with 49 Extra Base Hits and stole 55 bases the year prior, anyone who knew baseball said he was the top prospect in the game. Buxton started 2014 on the DL with a wrist injury and after a slow start he was as hot as the Florida summer. In those 4 games I saw a guy that made me think move over Trout your reign as ALs best is coming to a close.

Just after I left Florida Buxton was Promoted to AA, in his first game he suffered a concussion in an outfield collision with RF Mike Kvasnicka. He only played 31 games in 2014. But amid the lost year Buxton made his MLB debut in 2015 and it went…. Umm…. horribly, he was as overmatched as any 21 year old who skipped AAA would look. That year Buxton hit .209 in 46 games he struck out 44 times to only 6 walks, I thought to myself it was good experience he will adjust this winter an 2016 will be his year. Well… maybe I jumped the gun a bit, Buxton was optioned to AAA in April of 2016. but he came back in late May and ended up hitting .225 with 35 extra base hits still a K/BB ratio of 118/23 in 92 games, the optimist in me said he’ll get better next year, next year is the year, but concern formed in the back of my mind.

April of 2017, Opening Day Byron Buxton is the twins starting CF. Then April 4th to July 4th happened, Byron Buxton played like a Gold Glove CF but at the plate he looked lost. Buxton hit .195 with a K/BB ratio of 82/24, Buxton went though a mechanics change in June and hit just .154 that month.  Those including myself that compared him to Trout, Harper, Lindor, and Correa  looked foolish. The second pick in the 2012 draft was labeled a bust, the most condemning statement in sports. Then (fittingly) on July 4th the fireworks started, since then Byron Buxton has looked like the guy that was everyone’s top prospect, the savior to the Twins franchise, the kid I saw in Daytona Beach Florida in the summer of 2014. Since then Buxton as hit .368 with an OBP of .407 he is 10-10 on steals he has 17 extra base hits including 9 homers 26 RBIs in 42 games with a 4.0 WAR the best  CF for the twins since 2001 Tori Hunter.

So to Mr. Buxton its been awhile,  and to the fans lets enjoy the ride.


Thanks for reading Id like to thank the entire Phade Sports Community for giving me the opportunity to write for you guys.

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