College Football Week One Recap. 

   Week One is in the books (well almost Tennessee and Georgia Tech still play tonight) but it has certainly been an interesting week in college football. First we witnessed one of the biggest comebacks in football history not just college football history; Texas A&M blew a 44-10 lead with 4:08 left in the 3rd Quarter. Honestly if either of these teams were relevant Texas A&M blew a 44-10 memes would take the internet by storm. 

  USC won the only way they know how while disappointing their fans in the process. Sam Darnold threw a whopping zero touchdowns and 2 interceptions and in general didn’t seem like himself. Speaking of disappointments how about Alabama vs Florida State the game everyone was talking about turned into a Alabama blowout. There were a few other disappointments this week but there were some pretty entertaining games like West Virginia vs Virginia Tech, Louisville vs Purdue,etc. 

  There was also a few good ol fashion upsets in college football this week. Number 23 Texas lost to Maryland 51-41 how was Texas even ranked they had to have paid someone of in NCAA to make that happen. There was also Liberty over Baylor I know Baylor football has gone down hill faster than Johnny Manziel’s NFL career but cmon they can’t even beat Liberty. Kansas won a game which is a upset in itself. Honestly I’d like to say this was a wild week in college football but really it just like any other week. Full of blowouts, Surprises Let Downs, and some back and forth gridiron classics. That’s what college football is and that’s why we love it you never know what you’re gonna get or how you’re gonna get it. 


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