Of COURSE Texas A&M Found A Way To Blow A Giant Lead

Last night, after what was an upset riddled weekend – UCLA did the unthinkable and erased a 44-10 deficit to beat Texas A&M, in the most A&M way possible. Right away, Kevin Sumlin should have been fired already. The guy was already on the hot seat at 1 billion degrees after underwhelming seasons already, and now this…

I personally don’t think Sumlin makes it to Wednesday as an Aggie, he had Johnny Manziel and Trevor Knight and barely beat fucking Duke in bowl games with those guys. And the fact that you’re in the SEC only makes it worse, patience doesn’t exist in the SEC.

Josh Rosen lit up the Aggies for 292 yards and 4 TD’s…. in the 4th quarter. One of those touchdowns went right through an Aggie safety’s hands and resulted in a passing touchdown. If he picked that off, A&M would of won.

On top of that, A&M got absolutely embarrassed by UCLA and Josh Rosen by falling for a fake spike, which resulted in a passing touchdown by Josh Rosen with :44 seconds left. A&M needs to take notes from their basketball team. Remember when A&M basketball came back down 13 against Northern Iowa in the NCAA Tourney with a minute left?? I certainly remember that, maybe it was karma coming back to A&M, I’m a curses connoisseur.

Remember, Texas A&M athletic director said an 8-5 season is not good enough back in May. Sumlin got out coached at an embarrassing rate, and his team gave up. He fails to recruit defense other than Myles Garrett, he coaches in Texas, and he’s in the SEC. He should be canned, simple.



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