Blake Griffin Was Seen With Kendall Jenner: Are The Kardashians The Real Superteam In The NBA??

Well, we posted a picture of Blake Griffin and Kendall Jenner rolling up together to ruin the Clippers season. It went bananas for us, it has over 1.4M impressions and my twitter is crashing and no, that’s not a joke. By the way, about a 100 people replied and thought Blake Griffin was Kris Humphries. CMON! one player is a LETHAL scoring, shooting big man – and the other is Blake Griffin.

There is a lesson to be learned here though, the Kardashian curse is undefeated – just like Floyd Mayweather. But, the Kardashians didn’t need the refs to pull in those W’s. The Kardashians have been a dominating force in what is, the sweet science of gold digging and clout chasing. The real GOATs of the welterweight class people. The real Money Team.

The Kardashians have become an NBA superteam dominating players into submission. Put Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, and Kendall Jenner as a big 3… and they sweep the Warriors.

Hard work, and dedication gets you to the point of destroying everyone in your path, the Kardashians are the real superteam in sports. Nobody has dominated NBA all stars like the Kardashians.

Khloe is the mastermind behind it, the X’s and O’s guru that finesses players so hard that they end up actually dead in Nevada Brothels. Not only that, but made Rashad McCants go broke. Kim is your franchise player, leads the pack to the pennant year after year with that killer instinct. Kendall is the post machine dominating bigs in the paint – it’s only a matter of time until Blake Griffin has a “toe” injury that last 4 months.

People also forget Jenner’s ability to break down the Point Guards. Jordan Clarkson went from a potential rookie of the year to a bench point guard who is not in the Lakers future plans. The Kardashian Curse is the 73-9 team that DIDN’T blow a 3-1 lead, they are NOT to be messed with.


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