Nicks Picks NCAA week 2 

Today I’ll be doing my week 2 CFB picks. I had mixed success in week 1 but most of the unknown has been clarified. 

Friday Sept 8 

Oklahoma state -28 South Alabama.       OKST can score effortlessly, they should easily score 42-49 points and cover 28

Purdue -4.5 Ohio                                               I’ll be honest, Ohio is a very attractive upset pick this week but after l watched Purdue play well VS Louisville I’ll take Purdue. 

Saturday Sept 9 

Iowa -2 Iowa St                                               The Hawkeyes looked good is derailing Potential #1 pick Josh Allen last week. Where as Iowa St didn’t seem that impressive vs a weaker opponent in Northern Iowa
Charlotte +36.5 Kansas St                                K St looked solid VS Cent Arkansas but they won by 36 points Charlotte is better than Cent Arkansas and will cover 36.5 

West Virginia -24 East Carolina                Now not to insult James Madison but if JMU can run though East Carolina West Virginia is going to have a field day. 

Buffalo + 16.5 Army                                  Tyree Jackson is the next NFL stud to come out of the mac. Similar words came out of Minnesota HC PJ Fleck, Jackson is big and from what I saw last week he has good accuracy he held his own VS Minnesota and should do just fine VS army.

Northwestern -3.5 Duke                                     NW is my Big10 sleeper Thorson looked really solid in their win over Nevada. Duke beat NCCent handily I’ll lean NW maybe the line falls to -2.5 would be a lot more appealing.

Michigan-34 Cincinnati                               Michigan dominated Florida last week other than 2 pick-6s Florida had no offense Cincy looked meh VS Austin Peay last week so no faith in 34 being covered   

Wisconsin-32 Florida Atlantic                             In the first half Wisconsin looked meh in the second half Wisconsin looked big ten title game good last week. I believe 2nd half Wisconsin shows up for the whole game No contest this week 

Louisville-10 North Carolina.                Lamar Jackson looked like he wants some more hardware the rest of the cardinals did not appear to show up let’s hope they make the bus to chapel hill this week. 

South Florida-17.5 UConn                              Speaking of oversleeping your alarm USF has looked terrible in the first 30 and elite in the second 30. But UConn almost lost to Holy Cross so give me South Florida 

Boston College-1.5 wake forest                      BC can play D a low scoring ACC tilt bound to get you started on an afternoon nap. 

Colorado-35.5 Texas St 

Ball St -14.5 UAB                                                Ball St looked good VS Illinois. Good to see UAB playing football again I’ll take Ball St -14.5 I’d like 13.5 more

Western Michigan +7.5 Michigan St Western Michigan looked Elite VS USC I’ll take them in an upset 

Rutgers -5 Eastern Michigan                         Rutgers showed a pulse last week VS Washington EMU should be an easy cover 

Syracuse-9 MTSU.                                     Vandy handled MTSU last week Syracuse blew out an FCS school ill take Syracuse-9 but I’m on the fence 

Indiana-3 Virginia.                                          Give credit where it’s due Indiana played well VS Ohio St Virginia was average VS William and Mary so 

Penn st -21 Pittsburgh.                               Revenge, this is the ultimate revenge game Pitt went to OT with Youngstown St Penn st blew out Akron 21 is not enough points 

Fresno St +43.5 Alabama                             Alabama doesn’t run up the score 44+ point win would shock me

Miami -14.5 Arkansas state.                             I’ll take Miami in this one. Arkansas State play Nebraska well but Nebraska is taking a step back this year Miami handled an FCS opponent in week 1

Texas -26 San Jose State.                                 Watched a little bit of the San Jose game last week seem like a decent team Texas looked good were just out done by Maryland Texas is going to come out and try to win a game I feel like this will be a blowout.

TCU -3.5 Arkansas.                                         TCU wiped Jackson state off the face of the earth with a  63-0  blowout Arkansas handled Florida A&M 49-7.  

Kansas -5.5 Central Michigan.                        Kansas played well against an FCS opponent and central Michigan escaped an FCS opponent these aren’t good teams but Kansas comes out on top. 

Oregon -14 Nebraska.                                     The Ducks  put 77 on southern Utah Nebraska struggled with Arkansas State at home now going on a road not good so Oregon should cruise. 

Hawaii +23 UCLA.                                              Rosen is a stud but I don’t trust the rest of the UCLA team it was a great comeback last week but they shouldn’t have been down that much to begin with. A little bit of a letdown to start the game Hawaii is solid they’ll cover.

NC State -24 Marshal.                                         NC State played well against South Carolina Marshal edged Miami of Ohio I’ll take NC State by 24 but I’m not too confident in that I’m more confident and I’m winning by 24 then less that 24 

Nevada +10 Toledo

Louisiana Monroe +33 Florida State.           Françoise injury leave so much uncertainty at Florida State QB position that I’m not ready to take them with the spread

South Carolina +2.5 Missouri                           Missouri scored a lot of points versus Missouri State South Carolina will put up more resistance I’ll take them in the upset

Clemson -6 Auburn.                                          Clemson worked really good and their opener and I’ll take them by an edge over Auburn i’ll call it at 31-24 Clemson

Georgia +5.5 Notre Dame.                                 Notre Dame looks like they’re back but Georgia is pretty good in their opener Georgia should keep this game very close if not win

Mississippi State -8 Louisiana Tech.            

Oklahoma +7.5 Ohio State.                                This is a really good game Ohio State took some time to get going then the big plays started to happen and then went over Indiana I don’t see Oklahoma getting up as many big plays also Oklahoma will be able to score better Oklahoma covering 7 1/2 should happen in fact I believe Oklahoma wins the game.

Illinois +7.5 western Kentucky.                      

USTA +17 Baylor.                                                How far Baylor has fallen lost to liberty last week and I think USTA will cover 17 points

Stanford +6.5 USC                                                I love Sam Donald but I don’t love the rest of the SC team. I’ll take Stanford in this one

Minnesota +2 Oregon State                    Minnesota will still play two QBs which is a bit concerning but Oregon State is a bad football team and they won’t be able to move the ball much on Minnesota’s defense.

Utah-1.5 BYU                                                      Not high on BYU.   

Houston -1 Arizona.                                           

Washington State -10 Boise State

Arizona State -4 San Diego State


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