Nicks Picks NFL Picks week 1 

The NFL Season is upon us, we can all celebrate the end of the offseason and preseason. Now we get to watch meaningful games played by the worlds best. 

New England-9.5 Kansas City 

1st thought that’s a big spread for an NFL game. 2nd thought it’s the patriots the defending super bowl champion that got better. KC is a wild card team this year give me the Pats all year.

Buffalo-9.5 New York (A) 

Remember 9.5 is a lot of points for an NFL game where it works for NE greatness it works for the jets rebuild just NY will be 10 + point dogs all year

Atlanta-7 Chicago 

Oh good now we can talk about ATLs revenge tour 2017. New stadium coming off well you know I feel like they’ve been through a lot I’m not going to say it. Mike Glennon is the bears starter QB let that sink in and to rub salt in the wounds he is making more then LeVeon Bell. Give it 1 half before the Chicago faithful start chanting Mitchell. 

Houston-5.5 Jacksonville 

The Jags bought 11 puzzles and jammed I piece from each together to form a high priced Defense I’m not sold on. Houston will start Tom Savage let’s project 15-23 195 yds 2tds 1 int and followed by the masses demanding Watson. Bortles will throw 4 picks add a garbage time TD Houston by 7 

Washington +1 Philadelphia 

Kirk Cousins will set a record. Most times being asked about the 2018 season. Watch out for Wentz to have a slump. I’ll take the skins in a close one. 

Arizona -1.5 Detroit 

Matt Stafford you want to chill sometime I heard your the best no wait highest paid  lucky timing call me when you win a playoff game because it won’t be in 2017 Arizona has weapons and Bruce Arians admitted he huffed paint as a child that’s not a joke he really did. Cards by a FG 

Oakland +2 Tennessee 

The titans get some street cred but still the Derek Carr led Raiders will take this one Raiders are my super bowl sleeper.

Tampa bay vs Miami 

Game has been postponed until week 11 due to hurricane Irma 

Baltimore +3 Cincinnati 

Is Flacco playing…yes, okay is Jones and Burfict playing… no, Baltimore by a TD 

Pittsburgh-9 Cleveland 

Hey the browns improved good for them they will be the second worst team improvement. Breian Body Calhoun covering Antonio Brown should sum this tilt up.. 

Los Angeles(N) -3.5 Indianapolis  

Jacoby Bri….. no wait Scott Tolzan is starting for the Colts so Jared Goff is the better QB. Rams are better period.

Carolina-5.5 San Francisco 

Off the top of your head name one successful QB in San Francisco oh wait a minute they don’t have one Brian Hoyer will be there will be their starter Cam Newton the pocket passer let’s see.

Green Bay -3 Seattle 

The packers addressed RB and DB in the offseason Seattle lost the starting LT

New York (N) +3.5  Dallas 

Giants cover 3.5 Dallas 27-24 

Minnesota-3.5 New Orleans 

Vikings will hammer NO saints D is Paper thin not to mention inexperienced Min 31-14 

Denver-3.5 Los Angeles(A) 

Broncos D is still very good Bolts starting rebuild give me Denver 24-14 


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