ESPN is Garbage and It’s Time To Take Out The Trash

What’s the worst sports network you can think of right now?

I’d be willing to bet you thought of  ESPN. If you did you’re correct, and much like thousands of other sports fans who have also denounced the major network mediums in search of greener pastures. And it turns out you’re in the right place.


But first, exactly why do we hate ESPN? And why, since we loathe them so much, are they still around in our media lives?

ESPN is severely out of touch with it’s core demographic. We are at the pinnacle of resources and info in the sport’s world, and ESPN is straying away in favor of playing by the “rules” and politicking. Just look at the current catastrophe in their office involving Linda Cohn and Jemele Hill. Regardless of your opinion, it’s hard to ignore the holes in ESPN’s ship.

The graphics, clips and overall display of SportsCenter and ESPN’s social content and online presence are often trashed in online networks for their clunky CGI or irrelevant fact usage.  The personality types we used to love have devolved into low brow character attempts at garnering controversy and clicks. Richard Sherman said what a lot of people were thinking during that outburst at Skip Bayless on First Take in 2013.

Not to mention, everyone in the world is sick of the 24/7 dic – I mean coverage of superstar athletes like LeBron, Steph Curry, Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning. Considering the platform and resources available to ESPN, it’s sad to see they have ridden the same beaten path as most major networks – sacrificing substance for attention and standing for nothing instead of taking chances and challenging narratvies.


So how can we rid our lives of ESPN and their outdated content?

Well first, you can give your precious clicks and media audience to better providers. Alternative sports media sites like this one are becoming highly credible, are gaining more followers every day, and offer the same facts with better features and content! And if it’s hard info and Fantasy Football you’re into, there are tons of apps for your phone that provide a better service, faster, for free (I personally recommend SleeperBot for the fastest fantasy news).

Listen, delete their apps from your phone, erase the bookmarks from your browser, and turn off whatever awful segment that was playing on their TV station Let’s stop being force-fed this junk every day and do something about it.

Viva la revolución.

— C Sev


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