NFL Recap week 1 Sammy B for MVP 

Welcome back NFL  let’s recap.

Kansas City 42 New England 27

Alex Smith was amazing period Alex Smith will not play that well but Tyreek Hill will be waving goodbye many more times. It’s in-patriot like to give up so many big player. Belichick will make adjustments and as this defense plays more they should gel.

Buffalo 21 New York Jets 12 

The Jets couldn’t stop a turtle from running past them. Josh Mccown loves the underneath route, the jets lacked run game 2.5 ypc terrible. Bright spot Jermane Kearse looked good. Maye and Adams looked solid in their debuts. Tyrod Taylor game manager has a nice ring to it other that a pick which deflected off Charles Clays hands Taylor was solid. Shady McCoy  had incentives added into his contract last week and he intended to get them.

Atlanta 23 Chicago 17 

Will the Falcons have a super bowl hangover… somewhat but the bears are not good enough to beat them. Kevin White has broke his collarbone and will miss his 3rd straight season. My advice call it a career come home and let’s chill at the Whitehall mall. Matt Ryan good run game not so much again week 2 adjustments needed. 

Baltimore 20 Cincinnati 0 

Thank goodness Cincinnati has a week to fix this…. wait what … their are the Thursday night game. So the Bungles have 1 practice to fix it. Andy Dalton must have been confused because he was giving out gifts like it was Christmas, no team wins with 5 TO. Joe Flacco wasn’t that good but on Sunday 9-17 121 yards 1 TD 1 INT is elite by comparison. Green 5-74 lead all receivers and Maclin 2-58-1 TD lead Baltimore 

Pittsburgh 21 Cleveland 18

Good news Cleveland the browns looked better than a handful of teams, think about it. Kizer 20-30 222 yards 1 TD 1 INT was the best rookie QB preformance for the browns in awhile. Pittsburgh offense looked out of sync blame LeVeon Bells holdout for that but Ben to Brown was still flawless and I sometimes I think that’s all Pittsburgh needs. Jesse James 6-41-2tds had himself a game. 

Detroit 35 Arizona 23 

Carson Palmer must has talked with Andy Dalton before the game, palmer 27-48 269 yards 1 TD 3 INT. Arizona O-Line looked horrible and no running game insued. Arizona may want to tank and draft a new franchise QB Palmer won’t be around for much longer. Detroit didn’t win Id put this one in the Arizona loss colum twice if I could. The #firejimcaldwell campaign was fired back up in the 1st quarter neither team is really any good. 

Jacksonville 29 Houston 7

So Calais Campbell defeated the Texans and Blake Bortles is a game manager now and Leonard Fournette is a workhorse back(30 touches) and the Jags lead the AFC south. Psst….Hey Houston your LT is holding out pay him this week Watson/Savage will thank you later. Let’s add more who the hell are your WR after Deandre Hopkins like I’m actually qualified to be WR 2 in Houston. Bad news out of Jacksonville Allen Roberson has torn his ACL and will miss the remainder of the season. 

Oakland 26 Tennessee 16 

The Raiders could be a super bowl team. I’m saying it now Lynch looked good the D looked solid. Tennessee is going to win the AFC south if Houston can’t fix the OLine I’ll be interested to see how Tennessee incorporates their new Offensive weapons. 

Eagles 30 Redskins 17
So who is putting the wheel back on the Wentz Wagon. 26-39 307 yards 2TD 1 pick not bad at all. Cousins 23-40 240 yards 1TD 1 INT Washington RBs had 13 carries for 34 yards and Pryor 6-66 Zach Ertz 8-93 were the top receivers. 

LA Rams 46 Indianapolis 9 

Scott Tolzen is terrible the colts has the worse roster in the NFL like I said on twitter 140 characters isn’t enough I could write a 5 page essay and still want to say how bad they are name one impact player after Luck and Hilton.  Jacoby Brissett is an improvement 2/3 51 yards but still the colts may not win a game without Luck.  Jared Goff 306 yards and 1 TD Copper Kupp 4-76-1 in his debut the colts may want to sit Luck get a top 3 pick and add a game changer in the draft. 

Green Bay 17 Seattle 9 

Russell Wilson spends way to much time running for his life on top of the the Seahawks traded Jermaine Kearse and no Thomas Rawls hurt the offense but the Seahawks made the decision to not invest in the O-line and and the looked helpless against an albeit improved but not dominate Defense in Green Bay the Packers are young in the secondary but Wilson didn’t have time in the pocket to find receivers. Now the packers their O-line isn’t that much better and the bad man looked human still don’t run the ball well.

Carolina 23 San Francisco 3 

Remember the 49ers wanted Kaepernick out so they can turn to a new franchise QB…. wait… never mind they turned to Brian Hoyer 24-35 193 yards 1 pick. Cam Newton played meh in his 1st game back 14-25 171 yards 2 TDs 1 Int Mccaffery 18 touches 85 yards in his debut. Russell Shepherd 2-53-1 and Garçon 6-81 lead the way receiving 

Dallas 19 New York Giants 3

How bout them Cowboys, no really that Lee and Smith combo at LB looks impressive. The Giants Offense sputtered no Odell should not be the reason most teams would be happy with a Marshal and Shepherd Wr combo and aren’t  you supposed to run the ball to set up Play Action not the other way around. Odell will probably be back in week 2 but I believe the issues are deeper than that. 

Minnesota 29 New Orleans 19

Minnesota dominates Saints. My headline for this game New Orleans is still in the pre rebuild state they are good enough where they don’t get high draft picks but not good enough to make the playoffs. I want to start the #sammyBforMVP campaign 27-32 346 yards 3 TDs and Dalvin Cook 127 rushing yards set a Vikings Rookie Debut record breaking APs 2007 mark of 107 yards. Speaking of AP 6 rushes for 18 yards lackluster performance, but that sums up NO game. Also good to see him yell at Sean Payton. The 7-9 saints for the 4th straight year.

Denver 24 LA Chargers. 21 

My apologies but I only could talk 1 Quarter of Beth Mowens Rex Ryan and the sideline reporter Dipp. Denver had an impressive drive in the 1st, Seimian 17-29 219 yards 2TDs 1 Int and CJ Anderson 20-81 had a solid day running. Phillip Rivers 23-33 193 yards 3TDs 1 Int  Melvin Gordon didn’t have space and ended 18-54 3 ypc not terrible but room for improvement 
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